Ohm Spirit Sound


Ohm Spirit Sound is an independent record label specializing in Film Music, lounge, chill out, downtempo, ambient, new music, heavenly voices, healing & easy listening, among others, electronics and warm sound intertwined with occasional forays into World Music.

We understand that the sound has been used since ancient times for a purpose that goes far beyond mere musicianship.

Ohm Spirit Sound was founded in 2003, dedicated to the dissemination and self phonographic music catalog of his craft:
albums: Ekos from another era - Terra, CD Natura - Terra
Celtic Mysticproyect - Carles Reig
Mantra Chill Out - Ohm Spirit Sound
Celestial - SiriSat
Sigle 'Healing' Ra Ma Da Sa - Ohm Spirit Sound
Ⓟ 2004 Ohm Spirit Sound

All the musicians who have collaborated with the label come from different countries: Spain, England, Austria, Venezuela, Switzerland, Slovakia, Syria, Guyana (South America), Cameroon, France, Chile.

Also explores and investigates a new concept to create and disseminate the universal language of music, being the first sound OM vibration of Creation - the universe.

The word Music, Greek mousikos, originally had two meanings: a general one covering all aspects of education of the spirit (placed under the patronage of the nine muses or goddesses of the arts), and a specific sound art ( Sound), which is what has survived.

2003 Ohm Spirit Sound ™
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